Our Criminal Defense Practice

At the law office of Mark M. Cheser, Esquire, Counselor at Law, we get results for clients charged with criminal offenses ranging from speeding tickets to homicide.

Our criminal defense attorney has more than 35 years of experience. He is one of only 250 lawyers in New Jersey certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a criminal trial attorney.

If There's A Way Out, We'll Find It

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We defend clients throughout Central New Jersey. Learn more about our practice on the following pages:

  • New Jersey Criminal Procedure: Our knowledge of court procedure and interpretation of court rules can make all the difference.
  • New Jersey Criminal Courts: More than 35 years of experience in superior and municipal court adds knowledge of the players to our legal acumen.
  • Sentencing procedure and process: Helping people understand the criminal sentencing process in New Jersey.
  • Criminal deportation: Representing noncitizen immigrants and visa holders charged with deportable crimes.
  • Traffic violations: From speeding tickets to driving without a license, in all moving violations, the key is no points.
  • DWI defense: You can beat a DWI. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) reports an 18-percent acquittal rate in New Jersey.
  • Driving on a revoked/suspended license: There are substantial potential penalties. We can help.
  • Speeding tickets: It makes sense to fight these charges.
  • Driving without insurance: It's a serious charge that requires a skilled defense. You could lose your license for one year.
  • Points and surcharges: Learn just how expensive a traffic ticket can be.
  • Domestic violence: For best results, contact us as soon as possible.
  • Harassment: Defending people charged with engaging in annoying, threatening behavior that constitutes harassment.
  • Disorderly persons offenses: Including simple assault, shoplifting, theft, credit card fraud and harassment.
  • Drug charges: From possession of marijuana to distribution of large amounts of narcotics.
  • Drug distribution: Defending people charged with selling marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, and other illegal drugs.
  • Drug possession: Defending those charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy, methamphetamine, and other illegal drugs.
  • Drug court: This diversionary program can keep you out of jail.
  • Reckless driving Careless driving Distracted drivers: Defending people faced with reckless or careless driving who face fines, jail or the loss of their license.
  • Leaving the scene of a crime: Including hit-and-run traffic accidents, fleeing the police and failure to stop after being told to pull over.
  • PTI (Pretrial Intervention): No plea – no conviction – no jail. An expungement can clear your record.
  • Forfeiture: We will work to get your seized property back.
  • Theft: From shoplifting to credit card fraud to armed robbery.
  • Shoplifting: Defending people charged with stealing merchandise from a retail store.
  • Credit card fraud Identity theft: Including allegations of stealing credits cards, Social Security numbers, and using them to buy merchandise online, in stores, or commit credit card fraud.
  • Sex crimes: Only two people know what really happened and often they have wildly different interpretations of the events.
  • Megan's Law: Lifelong consequences that must be discussed with a criminal defense attorney.
  • Weapons possession: Early negotiations are essential.
  • Juvenile criminal defense: Including charges for underage drinking, drug possession, vandalism, shoplifting, and serious criminal charges including sexual assault.

Contact us for a free consultation about your criminal case. We are available around the clock because people don't get arrested 9 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.