Can I Get Into Drug Court?

That is one of the first questions asked by clients charged with drug crimes. Unlike traditional Court, New Jersey's award-winning drug court program is designed to rehabilitate individuals with drug and alcohol problems.

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A one-time-only diversionary program, drug court creates a cooperative relationship among lawyers, criminal justice and drug treatment professionals. It is a rigorous program of up to five years of drug and alcohol treatment, testing, and recovery services. Participants must appear in Court monthly, maintain employment, and pass all drug and alcohol testing.

Defendants who successfully complete the drug court program avoid jail time. Jail sentences are reinstated against those who fail the program. Drug court has been an extremely successful program in part because defendants know if they do not succeed there is a good chance they will end up in prison.

Who Is Eligible For Drug Court?

Any adult resident of New Jersey who is arrested for a nonviolent drug crime is eligible for drug court if he or she has not previously been convicted of any felony charge.

Facts About Drug Court

According to the New Jersey Judiciary:

  • More than 3,000 drug-dependent defendants have been treated in drug court, and more than 1,000 have graduated from the program.
  • 95 percent of drug tests administered to participants have been negative.
  • Only 24 percent of drug court participants were employed when they entered the program. By graduation, 90 percent of all drug court graduates were employed.

Our criminal defense lawyer also represents clients who are currently incarcerated and want to participate in the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP), a probation program for nonviolent offenders designed to relieve prison overcrowding and ease offenders back into the community.

To learn if you are eligible for drug court or ISP, please contact our law firm. The initial consultation is free of charge. For your convenience, we have eight offices throughout Central New Jersey.