Megan's Law Has Long-Term Consequences

Under New Jersey's Megan's Law, people convicted of sex crimes may never be free of the stigma associated with rape, molestation or other sex crimes.

If you are convicted of a fourth-degree or higher sex offense, your name, address and information about the crime will be entered into the Megan's Law sex offender registry. It will be available to anyone on the Internet, including your family, friends, neighbors and potential employers.

Like Parole That Never Ends

As a registered sex offender, you may have to comply with the terms of Community Supervision for Life (CSL), even after you serve your sentence. It's like parole that never ends. Failure to tell the police that you changed jobs or moved is a violation of CSL that can land you back in prison.

Community Registration

If you were convicted of a sex crime involving a minor, you may have to notify your neighbors that you are a registered sex offender. These requirements make it difficult, if not impossible, to find a job or a place to live.

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Motion To Be Removed From Megan's List

After a period of 15 years, it may be possible to be removed from Megan's list. Certain registered sex offenders who meet the criteria can be removed. Among the criteria, the registrant must not have committed an offense within the previous 15 years nor be likely to pose a threat to others' safety.

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