Expert Consultants

Mr. Cheser utilizes the services of outside professionals if their expertise will benefit your case.These professionals are employed only if needed and only if authorized by our clients:

Barry Giotta, Private Investigator, Mr. Giotta heads his own service. His expertise has been invaluable in cases ranging from attempted murder to domestic violence to D.W.I.

Gilbert Snowden, Snowden & Leckie, D.W.I. Consultants.Mr. Snowden and Mr. Leckie are ex-State Trooper Coordinators. They also trained police on duty in the state.They are experts at psycho-physical testing and the operation of the Breathalyzer.

Dr. Richard Saferstein is an expert Toxicologist, the effect of substances on the human body.

Dr. Phillip Gerron, a forensic pathologist and also forensic dentist. Both these doctors are utilized in requiring assessment of evidence and effects on the human body.

Dr. Steven Lemansky, Internal Medicine, is an expert in emergency trauma medicine.The doctor is an expert in E.R. procedures, physical effects of injury and medications.He has been invaluable in numerous cases.

Kevin Byrnes, J.D./ Author of N.J. Search and Seizure GANN. Kevin is a long time friend and an expert in Appellate, Practice, search and seizure and Miranda Law. He authors the book on the subject owned by all police departments and most judges. Mr. Byrne is available as an outside resource on new and intriguing cases.