Harassment — Domestic Violence In Union County

A charge of harassment can result in serious legal trouble and unwanted complications in a person's life. In general, harassment involves alarming or annoying behavior that may involve threats, hitting, kicking, offensive touching, or the use of foul, coarse language during an anonymous or identified phone call or email. In most cases, a restraining order is issued, requiring the person it is directed against to relinquish any firearms he might own, vacate the apartment or house he shares with the person the restraining order is meant to protect, and avoid all contact with the person in question. As a result, if you are arrested for harassment, it's essential to contact an attorney immediately to begin protecting your rights.

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Why A Harassment Allegation Isn't Always A Straightforward Matter

In general, harassment charges arise in conjunction with a divorce, split up or allegations of domestic violence. Here, how the concept of "annoying or alarming behavior" is applied can be unclear. People say and do things when they're angry or in the middle of a heated argument. However, whether or not their actions constitute harassment is a function of intent: did you say what you did or behave the way you did with the purpose and intention of harassing the person in question?

According to Cesare v. Cesare, 154 N.J. 394, 713 A.2d 390 (1998), what is said must be done with a clear intention to bother, anger or disturb the person to whom it is directed. As a result, a call made during reasonable hours using inoffensive language is not enough to constitute harassment.

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Harassment charges should be challenged because they can lead to a restraining order. If a restraining order is issued, you will have to turn in your firearms, vacate the premises of the person who requested the restraining order and avoid all contact with them. Additionally, the police can pick you up at any time if they receive a report that you violated the terms of your restraining order — even if there is no evidence that you did.

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