We'll Fight Your Speeding Ticket

Why should you hire a lawyer for a speeding ticket? Why not just pay the fine and be done with it?

If There's A Way Out, We'll Find It
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There are many reasons:

  • Points: The full cost of a speeding ticket goes beyond the fine. Points will be added to your MVC record, which affects your insurance as well. You may end up paying higher insurance rates for years to come. Our attorney will work to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced to the level where they will not increase your insurance rates.
  • CDL Drivers may face license suspension.
  • No-point tickets: Defendants who contest speeding tickets may be able to get a reduction of two points on their MVC record. In many cases, our attorney can get more. If you were charged with a four-point ticket for driving between 15 and 29 miles over the speed limit, you may be able to plead to a no-point ticket.
  • Beating the charge: We may be able to beat the case in Court by examining the evidence against you. Was the radar gun in proper working order? Did the officer follow proper procedures during the stop or when calibrating the device?
  • Options: It is important to keep your driving record as clean as possible, especially if you are prone to speeding or if you have teens in the household. The Court will be less likely to reduce or dismiss future charges if you have pled guilty to several speeding tickets.
  • Money: Fines, penalties and insurance surcharges for speeding tickets may quickly add up to more than our attorney's fees.
  • Convenience: In most cases, you will spend less time in Court if you have attorney. Our attorney can handle everything for you. In many cases out of State clients need not appear.

If you have received a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation, please contact Mark M. Cheser, Esquire, Counselor at Law, for a free consultation. We will explain your options and the costs and benefits of each. With more than 35 years of experience, Mark M. Cheser represents clients with traffic citations throughout Central New Jersey.