Providing First-Time Offenders With Decisive Legal Defense Strategies

"Am I going to jail?" If you have been arrested for or charged with a crime, it is almost certain that this is your worst fear and your biggest question.

What you need right now is a lawyer who has not just the primary goal of keeping you out of jail; you need an attorney who is confident in his abilities to do so. If you are facing criminal charges for the first time, you will need to do research into the attorney you choose. When you do your research and make the smart choice to call defense attorney Mark M. Cheser toll free at 1-866-456-9864, you will know that if there's a way out, we will find it.

Pretrial Intervention May Be Available

Pretrial intervention (PTI) is offered specifically to first-time offenders. As an alternative to traditional prosecution, PTI aims to prevent people from engaging in future criminal activity. PTI is a six-month program. If you complete it without further criminal activity, your criminal case will be dismissed, and you can avoid a criminal conviction on your record. Additionally, you will be eligible to have your record expunged once six months has passed.

Not every client is eligible for PTI, but our firm works hard to secure eligibility for our clients and even handles appeals on this matter.

By participating in and successfully completing PTI, you can avoid jail time, probation and a criminal record. Many first time offenders benefit from PTI, and we would like to help you.

Are You Eligible For Drug Court?

Drug court is a diversion program that is available for people arrested for nonviolent drug crimes. As an alternative to jail, the program endeavors to rehabilitate people with drug and alcohol addictions. The five-year program consists of drug and alcohol treatment, testing and recovery help. Successful completion of drug court can keep you out of jail. If you complete drug court, you get automatic expungements of everything on your record.

First-Time Offenders Receive The Help They Need

The criminal justice system can be terrifying to navigate on your own. Mark M. Cheser, Esquire, Counselor at Law, has more than 35 years of experience representing clients throughout Union County. If you call us toll free for your free consultation, you will not be alone: 1-866-456-9864. You can also contact us online.