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Traffic Violations Archives

Traffic violations can mean points on one's license

Having a spotless record can be important in any walk of life. With the cost of car insurance, it is wise for those in New Jersey to avoid tickets for driving infractions, which can cause their rates to rise. Additionally, many traffic violations result in points on one's record, which can lead to the suspension of his or her license.

New Jersey attorney helps those accused of reckless driving

Many charges in New Jersey are often up to the discretion of the police officer involved. Often, these charges are based on a subjective judgment call of the officer, including careless or reckless driving. Unfortunately, people facing these accusations may be unaware of their options and may automatically plead guilty, but Mark Cheser, Esquire, Counselor at Law may be able to help .

New Jersey school bus driver accused of reckless driving

When it comes to driving in New Jersey, there are multiple situations that could lead to a traffic accident. For example, some accidents are caused by drivers who experience a medical condition. Unfortunately, certain medical situations can look very similar to drunk driving and lead to criminal charges and traffic citations, such as reckless driving.

New Jersey woman faces traffic violations, DWI charges

One woman was going about her day and did not expect the dramatic turn of events that followed. As she was driving to her destination, she was stopped by police for alleged traffic violations. The New Jersey woman was later also arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. Although she was not held in the jail, she does face consequences for the criminal charges related to the event. 

New Jersey drivers may see traffic violations from speed cameras

Ticket cameras are a hotly debated tool to manage speeding in states across the U.S. Many states have rolled out these programs and then ended the use of speed cameras later. Some see the use of the tool as a way to modify driver behavior and keep others safe. Others see the cameras as a money grab by police agencies. New Jersey drivers may see traffic violations from the speed cameras again if a bill allowing their use passes in the state. 

Traffic violations lead to increased ticketing in New Jersey town

At first, the mayor and local police tried to play the nice guy role. Continued traffic violations by repeat offenders, and increased auto and pedestrian traffic in one local New Jersey town have now led to an updated policy. Those who may not have gotten tickets before could be facing tickets now if caught speeding in Little Silver, New Jersey. 

New Jersey suburb imposes traffic violations for shortcut takers

New technologies have afforded drivers ingenious ways to avoid a traffic jam. Unfortunately, the heavy traffic on lesser traveled routes poses a problem for residents along the shortcut path. In New Jersey, one town has recently imposed a law that would give traffic violations to individuals traveling through the location who aren't residents. Some have questioned whether the laws are appropriate. 

Traffic violations from lesser-known New Jersey laws

When drivers take the license test, they typically learn about all the major driving rules of the state. Some New Jersey laws are lesser known but can still lead to traffic violations. Obstructing the windshield of a car or covering the license plate are both illegal in the state and can result in tickets for unaware drivers. 

Wife of New Jersey governor cited for traffic violations

In a twist of fate, the wife of the person who created the distracted driving policy was fined for violating that law. According to new legislation, police officers can cite individuals for traffic violations if they are using a cellular phone while driving. In New Jersey, the law can include any activity deemed distracting, but cell phones are typically the most likely culprit. 

School bus driver faces traffic violations in New Jersey

It was anything but the average school day for one bus driver and a bus full of kids. The driver of the bus faces traffic violations after an accident that sent nine people to the hospital. The New Jersey driver is likely preparing a defense against charges that he failed to properly execute his responsibility on the job. 

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