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DWI suspected in fatal New Jersey pedestrian accident

Because driving a motor vehicle is something that is essential to many people's everyday lives, it may also be something that many people take for granted. Drivers must constantly make multiple split-second decisions that account for a variety of different factors. Driving at night, for example, can make it even more difficult due to a lack of visibility. Unfortunately, police in New Jersey believe that a fatal accident was the result of a driver who was DWI, driving while intoxicated.

Man accused of DWI after New Jersey crash

People who do not live in an area can easily become disoriented when driving in a new place. For example, someone from another state who is driving in New Jersey may accidentally overlook a traffic sign. Unfortunately, police claim that a recent accident that involved a missed stopped sign was the result of DWI rather than an oversight.

New Jersey school bus driver accused of DWI after crash

It is difficult to be a school bus driver in New Jersey and in other areas across the country. It is not unusual for one person to be in charge of both driving a large motor vehicle while also ensuring that the young passengers on board are behaving. Though distraction may be understandable, police say that it was actually drugs that caused a recent school bus crash, resulting in a DWI charge against the driver.

3 killed, 1 arrested in suspected DWI crash

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. When an accident results in a fatality, the desire to place blame is understandable. However, there must be sufficient evidence to support any criminal charges if a person is to be convicted. Unfortunately, a recent car accident has resulted in the death of three people; a man in New Jersey has since been accused of DWI.

New Jersey work-related traffic accident leads to DWI charge

Car accidents can happen at any moment, for a variety of different reasons. However, when a person is driving a work vehicle, it is easy to understand that an error can be made regarding the vehicle's size and its ability to fit through an entrance or exit of a parking garage. Unfortunately, a man in New Jersey now faces multiple charges, including DWI, following an accident that allegedly involved a work vehicle.

New Jersey car accident results in DWI charge

While many people would argue that a traffic circle has many advantages, some would also argue that they can be confusing for drivers. In fact, it might be easy for someone to accidentally enter the wrong way. Despite this, police in New Jersey have accused a driver allegedly driving the wrong way with DWI, among other charges.

New Jersey car accident leads to DWI claim

Every single driver has likely made a mistake while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. A misunderstanding of a traffic pattern or miscalculation of another driver's speed can have devastating consequences. Despite the potential for all drivers to accidentally cause a collision, police in New Jersey and across the country are often quick to assume that alcohol or drugs were involved. In fact, a man now faces a DWI charge, among others, after he was reportedly involved in a collision.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal New Jersey crash

A car accident can happen at any time of the day. However, accidents are not uncommon during the early morning hours when a driver is fatigued. Unfortunately, it may be easy to make assumptions about those involved in an accident during certain hours of the day -- specifically, that he or she is drunk driving. In fact, police in New Jersey have accused a driver of impairment after he was allegedly involved in a fatal crash.

Over 20,000 DWI convictions questioned in New Jersey

When most people read a news story alleging that a driver was arrested because he or she was under the influence of alcohol, they may be willing to accept the information provided by law enforcement officers without questioning it. However, there are many steps that go into determining a person's blood alcohol content and whether he or she should be charged with DWI or other related charge. In fact, human error or deliberate oversight could result in inaccurate results. For example, over 20,000 drunk driving convictions in New Jersey are now being questioned.

Teenager charged with DWI in New Jersey

Halloween, for many people in New Jersey, is a night to which many look forward all year. It is often a night of fun. Unfortunately, this past Halloween left one teenager in the hospital with serious injuries and another facing criminal charges, including DWI.

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