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Drug Charges Archives

Drug charges among many after 2 New Jersey officers injured

When a person is facing a confrontation with an authority figure, they may react instinctively. Unfortunately, this reaction can sometimes create legal complications for them if that interaction involves law enforcement officers. In fact, one man now faces drug charges, among other accusations, following an interaction with officers in New Jersey.

New Jersey doctor faces drug charges over opioid prescription

Doctors and other health care providers across the country have difficult jobs. They must carefully consider both the wants and needs of their patients. Because they are often left to make decisions of need based on information provided by patients -- including information regarding their levels of pain -- it may be difficult to make this determination. Despite this, a doctor in New Jersey now faces drug charges after he was accused of writing unnecessary prescriptions for painkillers.

New Jersey undercover surveillance leads to drug charges

The criminal justice system often feels overwhelmingly complicated for those facing criminal charges. A lack of understanding of personal rights and the processes following an arrest can leave defendants unsure of their options and how to proceed. In fact, three people in New Jersey who were recently arrested on drug charges may be experiencing this.

New Jersey drug charges: Man accused of selling catnip cocktail

Legal drugs often have more than one use. Often, they can be used in ways other than originally intended with beneficial results. Unfortunately, police in New Jersey claim that the use of what is called "catnip cocktail" is dangerous to humans. They further state that they have recently arrested a 48-year-old man -- who now faces drug charges -- for selling it out of a nutrition store.

New Jersey woman faces drug charges after police enter apartment

When confronted with law enforcement officials, people in New Jersey may be confused about their options. This confusion could potentially lead them to allow police action that could ultimately result in an arrest. For example, a young woman was recently arrested and now faces drug charges after she allegedly invited police officers into her home.

Former New Jersey lottery winner faces drug charges

Most people would consider anyone who wins the New Jersey lottery lucky. If the same person wins again, they are likely considered extremely lucky. Unfortunately, the luck of a two-time Cash 5 lottery winner has seemed to run out -- or at least stalled -- after a traffic stop led to drug charges.

New Jersey man faces DUI, drug charges following crash

Many people in New Jersey and across the country are passionate about the professional sports teams they support and likely feel disappointment following a loss. In fact, police in New Jersey claim that a man claimed that he became intoxicated because a football team performed poorly. The man now faces DUI and drug charges.

Baseball player Lenny Dykstra faces drug charges

Certain services such as Uber have changed how people get from place to place. While convenient, an argument between a driver and a rider often turns into a situation of one person's word against another's if there is no one else present in the vehicle. Unfortunately, former baseball player Lenny Dykstra now faces drug charges, among others, in New Jersey after an alleged incident with an Uber driver.

2 men face drug charges in New Jersey

Multiple sources have reported on the opioid epidemic in this country. As a result of the attention that it has received, law enforcement officials are often desperate to make progress in the "war." While the desire to prevent harm to people from the drugs is understandable, violating a person's constitutional rights in the name of removing drugs from the streets remains unacceptable. As such, two men who were recently arrested in New Jersey on drug charges may be wondering if their arrest was the result of lawful actions.

New Jersey police chief faces drug charges

It is an accepted fact that no person is capable of perfection. However, people who work in certain professions in New Jersey and across the country are often held to a higher standard. For example, if police officers are suspected of a crime, they often face significant public scrutiny. In fact, in a climate where police are continually under fire, officials may be quick to make an arrest should a suspicion of criminal activity arise, regardless of evidence. Unfortunately, a police chief now faces drug charges.

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