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What is the difference between expungement and dismissal?

Many people who have been accused of and charged with a crime in New Jersey want to be able to clear their name. This is because a criminal record can affect a persons life for years and decades after the crime was committed. Acquiring an expungement or a dismissal is a very important step for those with criminal records who want to have a career and a future ahead of them.

Drug charges: Knowing how to defend yourself

If you're arrested for possessing drugs, it's vital that you take the time to talk to someone who can help you defend yourself. A simple charge for possession could quickly turn into multiple charges for possession with intent to distribute, even if that's not what you were doing with the drugs.

Were you accused of a prescription drug crime?

Prescription drugs may only be possessed and consumed by those with a valid prescription from their medical provider. Anyone else who is using or in possession of these drugs could find themselves in serious trouble with the law. Prescription drug users may also get in trouble if they give or sell their drugs to friends.

New Jersey has harsh penalties for distributing marijuana

There are a lot of situations that could result in an otherwise upstanding citizen facing charges related to the distribution of marijuana. Law enforcement has been known to use the presence of a scale as evidences of intent to distribute. That, of course, ignores the fact that people buying unregulated substances often need to check it to ensure they aren't getting taken advantage of by the seller.

Couple detained over hibiscus plant

Imagine going about your usual morning routine when there is suddenly a loud knock on the door. You open it and, as you stand there only half dressed, you find yourself suddenly surrounded by police questioning you about illegally growing marijuana. This is exactly what happened to a couple in Pennsylvania.

Bail in New Jersey doesn't always hinge on cash

Defendants charged with crimes in New Jersey were required to post bail to insure their return to Court in order to be released. The bail was set by a Judge and was posted in cash or bond (less serious crimes having a 10% option in cash). The bail was posted either personally or by a bondsman who would normally charge 10% of the bond as a fee. This system created inequities since indigent defendants could be held on relatively minor charges for long periods while dangerous criminals with resources would be released.

Dismissals aren't the same as expungements

When you're convicted of a crime, you know that expungement is the only real way to clear your record. If your case has been dismissed, you may not think it's necessary to get an expungement, but that's not the case. Even if your case is dismissed by the courts, that doesn't mean that it won't appear on your record.

Minor drunk driving infractions come with big consequences

It's a misnomer to think that any drunk driving charge is "minor." If you're facing a drunk driving allegation, it means that you've been through the harrowing experience of being arrested and booked in jail, and this is not an easy experience for anyone.

Growing marijuana in New Jersey can cost you your freedom

The social stigma associated with marijuana use, sales and cultivation have decreased in the last decade. As more states decriminalize or overtly legalize adult recreational use of marijuana, people become more open to it. You may not have thought that growing a few plants in your garage, garden or basement was a big deal. Then law enforcement showed up. Maybe they arrived because of a nearby crime, or perhaps someone noticed your plants and called to report you. Regardless of why they are there, if law enforcement find marijuana plants on your property, you can expect criminal charges.

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