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New Jersey violent crime results in murder charges

A six-year-old cold case has finally resulted in criminal charges for a husband alleged to be involved with his wife's murder. The woman, a well-known New Jersey radio host, was shot in her home in 2012. After the initial investigation of the violent crime went cold, authorities now say that they have enough evidence to charge the woman's husband. 

The man was arrested at his home in June of last year and has remained in jail ever since his arrest. During the incident, he allegedly pulled a gun on police, which was caught on camera. In addition to murder-for-hire charges, the man faces racketeering charges due to apparently using his medical practice to traffic Oxycontin. 

Drug charges: Cannabis from New Jersey found bound for NYC

The van was green and so, apparently, was the stuff inside. Police from the Port Authority recently stopped a green van in New Jersey that was heading toward New York City via the Holland Tunnel. The van was stopped after a toll collector at the tunnel toll booth noticed a strong marijuana smell emanating from the vehicle. The driver is now facing drug charges.

The 41-year-old Brooklyn resident and driver of the van -- which was carrying two passengers -- apparently told Port Authority cops he had been smoking pot. Cops arrested him and seized $106,000 in cash from the van, which was uninsured and unregistered. A police dog used to detect drugs was used in the incident, and the dog allegedly indicated the cash had been in contact with drugs. 

New Jersey man hit with DWI charges on New Year's Day

An incident in which a car struck a building on New Year's Day is being investigated by local authorities. New Jersey police responded to a call stating that a vehicle struck a building, and that the driver was attempting to leave the scene. One man, a former Congressional candidate, has been arrested and charged with DWI following the incident. 

It was approximately 2 p.m. when police responded to the 911 call reporting that a person had struck a local business with a truck. Police arrived on the scene and apprehended a man who they say refused to submit to an alcohol test. The officers later charged him with driving under the influence, failure to submit to a breath test, possession of an open container of alcohol while driving and careless driving. 

Drug charges for 2 women in New Jersey

A traffic stop resulted in criminal charges for two women. The women face traffic violations and drug charges due to the condition of the vehicle and possession of a small amount of marijuana. The New Jersey stop was an unexpected buzz kill for the residents, who are from a neighboring state.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:29 p.m. on Christmas Day. A police officer pulled over the driver of the vehicle for having a non-functioning light. When the officer approached the vehicle, he detected an odor of marijuana and asked the two young women if they were in possession of any pot. One of the women allegedly admitted to being in possession of drug paraphernalia.

New Jersey has harsh penalties for distributing marijuana

There are a lot of situations that could result in an otherwise upstanding citizen facing charges related to the distribution of marijuana. Law enforcement has been known to use the presence of a scale as evidences of intent to distribute. That, of course, ignores the fact that people buying unregulated substances often need to check it to ensure they aren't getting taken advantage of by the seller.

Other times, people who are growing marijuana for their own use face distribution charges because police assume the amount of plants growing couldn't be for personal use. Whatever the reason why someone ends up charged with distributing marijuana, the potential penalties are quite severe.

Traffic violations from lesser-known New Jersey laws

When drivers take the license test, they typically learn about all the major driving rules of the state. Some New Jersey laws are lesser known but can still lead to traffic violations. Obstructing the windshield of a car or covering the license plate are both illegal in the state and can result in tickets for unaware drivers. 

Since 2015, tickets for these infractions have been on the rise. An officer is able to write a ticket for even a small item obstructing the windshield, such as an air freshener tree or a pair of fuzzy dice. The same goes for license plates. The vanity frame that many people use must not cover any part of the license plate, including "New Jersey" or "The Garden State" at the very top and bottom. 

7 individuals accused in New Jersey violent crime spree

Murder, robbery and carjacking were among the charges for seven individuals accused in a recent crime spree. The alleged gang members were accused of violent crime after several enforcement agencies worked together for their arrests. The accused were all New Jersey residents, spread out across several towns. A recent news story gives more details about the arrests. 

The various crimes were spread over the course of three months, beginning in Sept. 2017. The suspects were arrested on a variety of charges, including murder, attempted murder, carjacking, robbery, weapons possession and more. Both the North and South Brunswick Police Departments worked with the ATF, the New Jersey State Police and County Prosecutor's offices. 

Three New Jersey men apprehended in violent crime arrests

A pair of armed robberies has resulted in the arrests of three local men. Two separate incidents both resulted in violent crime arrests for three New Jersey men. Although charges have been filed, the men have not yet been to court and may still be building their defense against the charges. 

In the first event, it is alleged that one individual, a 19-year-old man, approached a pair of female victims in the early morning hours of Oct. 29. He supposedly robbed them at gunpoint and took their purses before fleeing the scene. Investigators developed evidence that identified the young man as the assailant, and they attempted to arrest him approximately one month later. The man allegedly tried to flee when authorities arrived to his home, but he was apprehended. He was charged on weapons, robbery and stolen property charges.

New Jersey woman faces DWI charges

A woman leaving her driveway managed to get herself into some serious legal trouble, a recent news story reports. The New Jersey resident was involved in an auto accident and was arrested by authorities for DWI charges. More details about the incident were revealed in an online version of the New Jersey Herald. 

The woman was apparently leaving her house in the evening hours of Monday, Nov. 20. She backed out of her driveway and crossed the road, allegedly hitting a bush on the way. She then turned onto the road and struck a car that was coming the other direction. 

Couple detained over hibiscus plant

Imagine going about your usual morning routine when there is suddenly a loud knock on the door. You open it and, as you stand there only half dressed, you find yourself suddenly surrounded by police questioning you about illegally growing marijuana. This is exactly what happened to a couple in Pennsylvania.

The man and wife, both in their late sixties, found themselves sitting in the back of squad car for hours while police searched their property for the alleged marijuana plants. The couple ended up in this predicament after a neighbor's tree fell in their back yard and they called their insurance to file a claim. When the insurance adjuster came out to assess the damage, he took pictures of their hibiscus plants. The adjuster thought the flowering plants were marijuana and decided that the couple must be part of a drug operation. He did his civic duty and reported the couple to the police. Two days later, the police came calling with assault rifles and prepared to bust a drug ring, based on cellphone's pictures of a hibiscus plant in the elderly couple's backyard.

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