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New Jersey driver charged with DWI following accident

Car accidents can happen at any time of the day or night for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, police may believe that some accidents are caused by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol even with only limited evidence to support it. Unfortunately, a woman in New Jersey is now accused of DWI, among other charges, following a recent accident.

The incident that led to the woman's arrest is said to have occurred on a day in late August. According to reports, two patrolmen responded to a report that a vehicle struck a utility pole. They claim that they discovered a sedan with significant damage to its front end.

Drunk driving defense techniques that might work in your case

No one goes out on a Saturday night expecting to spend the evening in a local jail cell, but this happens to countless individuals every year -- if police pull them over and arrest them on drunk driving charges, that is.

The DWI arrest itself -- and spending a night in jail -- is not the only thing that accused drivers need to worry about. If the drivers are actually convicted of the DWI charge, the conviction can result in serious criminal consequences like the loss of driving privileges, stiff insurance rate hikes, the loss of employment, the loss of job opportunities and even prison time if the arrest was connected to a serious traffic accident.

2 men face drug charges in New Jersey

Multiple sources have reported on the opioid epidemic in this country. As a result of the attention that it has received, law enforcement officials are often desperate to make progress in the "war." While the desire to prevent harm to people from the drugs is understandable, violating a person's constitutional rights in the name of removing drugs from the streets remains unacceptable. As such, two men who were recently arrested in New Jersey on drug charges may be wondering if their arrest was the result of lawful actions.

Their arrest happened on a day in late August. Reports indicate that police stopped two vehicles, one driven by a 44-year-old man and the other by a 41-year-old man, as they entered a storage facility. It is unclear what prompted this stop, whether the men had previously been under investigation or what attracted police attention to them.

New Jersey woman charged with murder following death of mother

Every family in New Jersey is different. In fact, the dynamics of a family can vary significantly and create different amounts of stress. While this stress can create conflict, it rarely results in violence. Despite this, police claim that a woman is responsible for the murder of her mother.

The incident happened on a day in early September. According to reports, a man arrived home to find his mother-in-law suffering from stab wounds. He called police, and her death was determined to be a homicide.

Man charged with murder in New Jersey deli owner's death

When people have little experience with the criminal justice system, they may be unsure of how to respond if they face accusations of criminal conduct. Often, they are unable to properly respond if they are treated unlawfully or be able to recognize such treatment. In fact, a man in New Jersey may be wondering about his legal options after he was recently arrested and charged with murder.

The man was arrested in connection to a death that happened in mid-August. The victim was a 55-year-old man whose family is said to live in another country. He reportedly owned a deli and grocery.

New Jersey police chief faces drug charges

It is an accepted fact that no person is capable of perfection. However, people who work in certain professions in New Jersey and across the country are often held to a higher standard. For example, if police officers are suspected of a crime, they often face significant public scrutiny. In fact, in a climate where police are continually under fire, officials may be quick to make an arrest should a suspicion of criminal activity arise, regardless of evidence. Unfortunately, a police chief now faces drug charges.

The 43-year-old man was originally suspended from his position in July. The suspension came after a prosecutor's report indicated that violations of state law and police guidelines may have occurred in the department. His recent arrest, however, was allegedly connected to an attempt to purchase cocaine.

Self-defense can help you defend against violent criminal charges

Facing criminal charges related to a violent crime in New Jersey is a nerve-wracking experience. After all, the potential consequences are serious. It's also important to realize that there is more social stigma attached to violent crimes than to many other kinds of offenses. In addition to criminal penalties, a criminal conviction could make it much harder to secure a good job or obtain rental housing in the future.

Anyone facing criminal charges related to an act of violence needs to carefully consider how to build a legal defense. One of the more common approaches to violent crime charges is to develop a claim of self-defense. For those who were in fear of imminent danger to themselves or someone else, self-defense claims can help in court.

Woman crashes into New Jersey hatchery, charged with DWI

When driving late at night, it is easy for drivers to become disoriented. This can be true even when drivers are on a familiar path. Unfortunately, police in New Jersey have accused a driver of DWI after she allegedly drove her car into a fish hatchery.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in mid-August. According to reports, someone contacted police about a vehicle described as "suspicious" at the Charles O. Hayford State Fish Hatchery. Police say when they arrived at the scene, they discovered a partially submerged vehicle.

Teenager charged with violent crime in New Jersey death

When a crime occurs, there is an understandable desire for justice. While most law enforcement officials are committed to ensuring that the appropriate parties are held accountable for their actions, sometimes the desire to make an arrest can result in charges before all the evidence of a case can be fully examined. In fact, it is unclear what evidence supports the allegations against a New Jersey teenager who is charged with a violent crime.

The incident that led to the 17-year-old male's arrest happened during the early morning hours of a day in late July. According to reports, a 29-year-old restaurant owner was making the last delivery of the day with his wife. When they reached their destination, however, they were reportedly approached by the juvenile who is said to have had a gun.

New Jersey man charged with DWI after striking 36 vehicles

When it is believed that a crime has taken place in New Jersey, it may be easy for some to jump to conclusions. However, a thorough investigation must occur before police can accurately determine what happened. Unfortunately, a man was recently accused of DWI after police say he was involved in a multi-block car crash.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in late July. Police say they received multiple calls about a car being driven erratically on a New Jersey street. When they arrived, they say they discovered the vehicle described by callers, and it had sustained significant damage.

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