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New Jersey drug charges: Man accused of selling catnip cocktail

Legal drugs often have more than one use. Often, they can be used in ways other than originally intended with beneficial results. Unfortunately, police in New Jersey claim that the use of what is called "catnip cocktail" is dangerous to humans. They further state that they have recently arrested a 48-year-old man -- who now faces drug charges -- for selling it out of a nutrition store.

Catnip cocktail, according to reports, is a solution that is typically used to sedate cats. However, when humans consume it, it is said to have similar effects to Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid, also known as the date rape drug. Law enforcement officials claim that they first encountered its use in July 2018 after they were called to a strip mall to investigate a man allegedly acting bizarrely.

Is it legal for New Jersey police to conduct sobriety roadblocks?

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common criminal offense in New Jersey. People who would otherwise never break the law can still choose to get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Doing so endangers others and violates state laws on safe driving. Those who get caught driving after drinking or taking drugs will face criminal charges.

There are many ways in which New Jersey enforces its ban against impaired driving. One of them is by sending officers out on the road to monitor the flow of traffic. These officers may catch people who are speeding, as well as those driving in a manner that shows signs of impairment. Other times, they may focus more specifically on impaired driving.

Man accused of DWI after New Jersey crash

People who do not live in an area can easily become disoriented when driving in a new place. For example, someone from another state who is driving in New Jersey may accidentally overlook a traffic sign. Unfortunately, police claim that a recent accident that involved a missed stopped sign was the result of DWI rather than an oversight.

The accident reportedly happened on a day in early February. According to reports, a male driver drove through a stop sign. Police say that he also crashed his vehicle into several vehicles before coming to a stop on someone's property.

Political disagreement leads to assault charge in New Jersey

It seems that there is a great deal of disagreement in today's political climate. And though many people in New Jersey feel passionate about their beliefs, discussions rarely result in physical altercations. Despite this, police have now accused a teenager of assault following an incident at a grocery store.

The incident reportedly happened one afternoon on a day in late February. The alleged victim, an 81-year-old man, had reportedly finished his shopping and was exiting the store with a cart of groceries. Police claim that as he was doing so, he was approached by a 19-year-old male.

New Jersey school bus driver accused of DWI after crash

It is difficult to be a school bus driver in New Jersey and in other areas across the country. It is not unusual for one person to be in charge of both driving a large motor vehicle while also ensuring that the young passengers on board are behaving. Though distraction may be understandable, police say that it was actually drugs that caused a recent school bus crash, resulting in a DWI charge against the driver.

The accident happened on a day in February. Witnesses reportedly watched the bus moving slowly before it crashed into a tree. Police say that rescue workers discovered the bus driver, a 57-year-old woman, unconscious when they arrived on the scene.

3 killed, 1 arrested in suspected DWI crash

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. When an accident results in a fatality, the desire to place blame is understandable. However, there must be sufficient evidence to support any criminal charges if a person is to be convicted. Unfortunately, a recent car accident has resulted in the death of three people; a man in New Jersey has since been accused of DWI.

The incident reportedly happened one morning on a day in February. Reports claim that a 29-year-old male overdosed, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. As a result, it reportedly struck a vehicle containing a 50-year-old man and his 17-year-old son; both passed away.

There are ways to challenge Breathalyzer results

It is wise to take any drunk driving charge seriously and to build the strongest defense that you can, even if you feel as though the evidence against you is quite strong. Remember, everything about your interaction with law enforcement is structured to give advantage the officer who pulls you over and to make you feel as though the case against you is strong, even if it is not.

One of the strongest defenses you may have is attacking the evidence against you directly. Often, the public thinks of measurements like those taken by Breathalyzers as reliable, but this is not always the case. If you face criminal charges after failing a field sobriety test like a Breathalyzer, you should examine the circumstances of your arrest for defensive opportunities.

New Jersey work-related traffic accident leads to DWI charge

Car accidents can happen at any moment, for a variety of different reasons. However, when a person is driving a work vehicle, it is easy to understand that an error can be made regarding the vehicle's size and its ability to fit through an entrance or exit of a parking garage. Unfortunately, a man in New Jersey now faces multiple charges, including DWI, following an accident that allegedly involved a work vehicle.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in late January. According to reports, a 22-year-old man had been hired by a local government to work as a seasonal worker. Reports claim that he was attempting to drive a dump truck owned by the government out of a parking garage. Unfortunately, the vehicle reportedly become stuck in a low garage exit as the driver attempted to make a turn.

Man, woman arrested following New Jersey robbery

When a crime occurs in a community, the desire to hold someone accountable is understandable. However, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order for a person to be convicted of a crime. Despite this, it is unclear what evidence connects a New Jersey man to a robbery in which police say he was involved.

Police responded to a convenience store just after 2 a.m. The store was allegedly robbed by a man wearing a mask, reportedly carrying a gun. However, police say that the man left the scene with an undetermined amount of money before they arrived at the scene. An investigator located a fake gun in the area that is believed to have been discarded by the alleged robber.

New Jersey woman faces drug charges after police enter apartment

When confronted with law enforcement officials, people in New Jersey may be confused about their options. This confusion could potentially lead them to allow police action that could ultimately result in an arrest. For example, a young woman was recently arrested and now faces drug charges after she allegedly invited police officers into her home.

The woman was arrested on a day January. Reports indicate that detectives had received a tip that drug dealing was happening at the woman's property. The details of that tip -- including who provided it -- are unclear.

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