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Young New Jersey man arrested on drug charges

Sleeping in a running vehicle led to the arrest of one man recently. The New Jersey man was allegedly found to be in possession of suspected marijuana and paraphernalia when authorities approached him. He was later booked on drug charges.

At least one witness was alerted to the presence of the man's car and alerted the police. It was early in the morning after responding to reports of a suspicious vehicle that the authorities found the man in his car with it running. Police awakened the man to determine whether there was a problem. The car was parked in the parking lot of a local pool. 

A charge of violent crime could lead to lost teaching license

Some teachers in the region have lost their teaching licenses, as recently reported in the news. Thirteen New Jersey teachers had teaching licenses either suspended or revoked in 2018 for charges related to a violent crime and other violations. Not only can a criminal charge result in legal penalties, but it can result in long-term career problems, as these teachers are learning. 

One female teacher has had her licenses revoked after she was convicted of killing her husband. She is currently serving a six-year sentence for the crime in the state for the manslaughter charge. Another teacher was charged for felony drunken driving and resisting arrest. 

New Jersey felon held on gun and drug charges

A run-in with the law can leave a person dealing with heavy consequences, such as losing his or her freedom and facing other fines and penalties. Recently, police reported that a local man was caught with drugs and guns. The individual has a history of weapons charges, and the current bust has left him with both gun and drug charges. He is currently being held in a New Jersey county jail, pending trial. 

The 40-year-old man was allegedly caught with two guns and 85 grams of cocaine. His arrest was supposedly in relation to an investigation and surveillance that led officers to move to arrest the man. In addition to the drugs and guns, numerous baggies and a scale were also found. 

New Jersey man charged with DWI

Drinking and driving do not go together. A charge of DWI can really slow down one's ability to save money and get places. A New Jersey man recently accused of DWI is now dealing with the consequences of drunk driving and other charges. 

The man was observed driving in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday morning in March. Police claim that the driver failed to stay in his lane, which led to the traffic stop. Upon pulling the driver over, a policeman says that he detected the odor of alcohol on the man's breath. Although the man said that he had only had two drinks, he was asked to perform sobriety tests and failed. 

New Jersey drivers may see traffic violations from speed cameras

Ticket cameras are a hotly debated tool to manage speeding in states across the U.S. Many states have rolled out these programs and then ended the use of speed cameras later. Some see the use of the tool as a way to modify driver behavior and keep others safe. Others see the cameras as a money grab by police agencies. New Jersey drivers may see traffic violations from the speed cameras again if a bill allowing their use passes in the state. 

This year, 13 states are looking at modifications to the rules surrounding ticket cameras. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, more than 500 places around the country implement the use of red light and/or speed cameras to catch drivers who disobey traffic rules and who otherwise would not be caught. Supporters hope to change dangerous behaviors and protect the lives of highway workers, drivers and pedestrians. 

Drug charges: Knowing how to defend yourself

If you're arrested for possessing drugs, it's vital that you take the time to talk to someone who can help you defend yourself. A simple charge for possession could quickly turn into multiple charges for possession with intent to distribute, even if that's not what you were doing with the drugs.

Drug charges add up quickly because it's easy for the prosecution and police to add on charges that you later have to fight. It's in your best interest to protect yourself early to avoid additional charges you don't deserve to face.

2 men charged with violent crime in New Jersey

A recent shooting led to the arrest of two local men. The pair, both from New Jersey, were arrested and charged for the violent crime. The slain man was found unresponsive outside of an apartment, and the police investigation caused them to pursue the pair as suspects. 

In early March, police responded to a 911 call that led to the discovery of a man who was shot and unresponsive. He was pronounced dead shortly after. A spokesman for the local prosecutor revealed that the two men were identified as suspects and located at a nearby hotel where they were apparently residing. Police searched the hotel room on the night of the murder and located an alleged amount of heroin and cocaine. 

Drug charges filed against New Jersey driver

Sometimes when people go out and about during their day, it doesn't quite end up how they planned. Recently, this was the case for one man when his trip to the local music shop took an unexpected turn. He was reportedly outside of his car while parked in a parking lot when an officer deemed him to be acting suspiciously. A later traffic stop led to drug charges for the New Jersey man. 

The incident occurred on Wednesday, Feb. 28 during the late afternoon. A police officer was on routine patrol near the music shop parking lot. He says he observed the man to be walking around his car in what he says was a suspicious manner. The man reportedly looked at the vehicle, then got into the car and drove away. 

New Jersey police officer charged with DWI

Kicking back and having a few drinks with friends can be a good opportunity for fun. Unfortunately, alcohol can also lead individuals to make some bad decisions. A recent news story reveals details of one New Jersey man's struggle after he crashed a car and was charged with DWI by local police.

The man, a 22-year-old police officer himself, was allegedly driving in the early morning hours in December when his car struck a train trestle. He had two other people in his sports car during the 3:35 a.m. crash. One of the passengers was found trapped and unresponsive after the crash. The driver spent seven days being treated at a local hospital before he was finally released. 

Were you accused of a prescription drug crime?

Prescription drugs may only be possessed and consumed by those with a valid prescription from their medical provider. Anyone else who is using or in possession of these drugs could find themselves in serious trouble with the law. Prescription drug users may also get in trouble if they give or sell their drugs to friends.

Let's take a look at a few things that every New Jersey resident should know about prescription drugs in order to stay out of trouble.

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