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Assault charge follows incident at New Jersey hotel

Often, those who are the witness to an injury are in a state of shock. As such, they may not be fully aware of the implications of information provided to law enforcement officials in the immediate aftermath of an incident that resulted in a serious injury. In fact, a woman now faces an assault charge, among others, following a New Jersey incident in which she allegedly told officers that she accidentally stabbed a man.

The event that led to the woman's arrest reportedly happened at a motel on a day in early June. According to reports, police were requested at the scene at approximately 6 a.m. Officers claim that they discovered a 42-year-old man from out of state who was suffering from a knife wound in his back.

Fatal New Jersey car accident leads to DWI, other charges

Car accidents happen for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, something as simple as  driver misjudgment can be labeled as being related to alcohol or drug consumption. In fact, a driver in New Jersey now faces multiple criminal charges, including DWI, following a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of a life.

The incident happened on a day in late May. According to a witness, a 28-year-old driver attempted to pass the vehicle in front of him. Unfortunately, he allegedly struck an oncoming vehicle head-on after crossing the yellow line. Both vehicles came to a stop off of the roadway.

Police officer charged with manslaughter, assault in New Jersey

Most people would agree that police officers have difficult jobs. As part of their job responsibilities, they may be required to run toward dangers. Often, they are required to make difficult decisions in the heat of the moment that could ultimately mean the difference between their life and their death. Unfortunately, a police officer in New Jersey was recently charged with manslaughter and assault.

The incident that led to the charges against the man happened on a day in January. According to reports, an officer reported pulling over a vehicle, and the driver drove away. The officer claimed she spotted a gun in the car.

Drug charges among many after 2 New Jersey officers injured

When a person is facing a confrontation with an authority figure, they may react instinctively. Unfortunately, this reaction can sometimes create legal complications for them if that interaction involves law enforcement officers. In fact, one man now faces drug charges, among other accusations, following an interaction with officers in New Jersey.

The incident that led to the 30-year-old man's arrest reportedly happened on a day in May. Officers claim that they responded to a call about a sick man just after 2 a.m. When they arrived at the scene, they claim they discovered the defendant in the vehicle, using drugs. They say they ordered the man to exit the vehicle, but he drove away instead.

Crash into New Jersey pizzeria results in DWI claim

A car accident can happen at any time of the day or night for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials in New Jersey believe that a recent accident was the result of an individual who was driving while intoxicated, or DWI. Reports indicate that the incident involved a vehicle crashing into a pizzeria.

Police appear to believe that the woman was drinking at an "establishment" near where the incident happened. Officials claim that after leaving the establishment, the woman drove into the front of Flying Crust Pizza & Wings, causing significant damage to the storefront. An employee reportedly asked the woman if she was on medication or had fallen asleep at the wheel to which she is said to have replied, "I'm good."

New Jersey doctor faces drug charges over opioid prescription

Doctors and other health care providers across the country have difficult jobs. They must carefully consider both the wants and needs of their patients. Because they are often left to make decisions of need based on information provided by patients -- including information regarding their levels of pain -- it may be difficult to make this determination. Despite this, a doctor in New Jersey now faces drug charges after he was accused of writing unnecessary prescriptions for painkillers.

Law enforcement officials claim that the doctor began writing the false prescriptions in May 2014. They claim that he allowed patients to choose how much of a drug he would prescribe. He is also accused of failing to monitor patients for signs of addiction.

Man arrested following New Jersey robbery

When a person is facing criminal charges in New Jersey, he or she may feel overwhelmed by the criminal justice system. Often, the process can seem complicated even for those who have legal training and experience. Unfortunately, a man who now faces multiple charges, including robbery, may feel confused as he faces the decisions before him.

The most recent charges against the man -- brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence and Hobbs Act robbery -- reportedly happened on a day in February. Reports indicate that he attempted to pay a business with a fake check. When the owner of the business asked for cash, the 29-year-old man then reportedly drove to a bank with the owner, brandished a gun and threatened to kill the owner if he did not deposit the check and make a cash withdrawal.

New Jersey school bus driver charged with DWI

Bus drivers have difficult jobs. They are often tasked with managing the behavior of multiple students while also maintaining their safety while driving a large vehicle. Often, passengers may create distractions that make it difficult for a driver to stay focused on the road. Unfortunately, a bus driver in New Jersey is now facing accusations of driving while intoxicated, DWI, after the bus she was reportedly driving was involved in what appears to be a minor accident.

The incident reportedly happened at approximately 7:30 a.m. on a day in late April. According to reports, a 57-year-old woman was driving a bus filled with 28 students to a technical school. Unfortunately, she allegedly failed to stop her bus in time, causing it to strike the rear of an unoccupied bus.

New Jersey man charged in son's murder

Some degree of conflict between family members is not uncommon. However, this conflict rarely results in violence. Despite this, a man in New Jersey was recently charged with murder in connection to the death of his father.

The incident that led to the man's arrest reportedly happened on a day in April. According to police, the 38-year-old man became involved in an altercation with his 66-year-old father. Police claim that they discovered the deceased man covered in knife wounds. The man's mother was also reportedly knocked to the ground during the altercation but was uninjured.

Traffic violations can mean points on one's license

Having a spotless record can be important in any walk of life. With the cost of car insurance, it is wise for those in New Jersey to avoid tickets for driving infractions, which can cause their rates to rise. Additionally, many traffic violations result in points on one's record, which can lead to the suspension of his or her license.

Moving violations carry different point values. For example, failing to stop for a traffic light may result in two points, and reckless driving equals five points. Acquiring a total of 12 points means a driver's license is suspended, and this can be a great inconvenience. Only six points on one's license means the individual will pay an annual surcharge for three years. Insurance companies consider drivers with points to be high risk, so they often charge those drivers higher rates.

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