Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Mark M. Cheser

Our attorney is one of only 250 lawyers in the State certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney. Less than one half of 1 percent of attorneys in the State have this designation. To gain this certification, a lawyer must have at least five years of experience, 10 jury trials, pass a rigorous examination given by the Supreme Court, obtain the recommendation of three Judges or other Certified Trial Attorneys, and complete 10 hours of continuing legal education every year. The certification must be renewed every five years. Many of the Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys are in government service or are retired, so even fewer actively practice criminal defense law.

A Certified Criminal Trial Attorney therefore must have the necessary experience in criminal law to obtain the title, and must continue his education and be up-to-date on the law. New Jersey just recently required continuing education for all its lawyers. Certified Trial Attorneys have had that requirement all along.

Noncertified or less experienced criminal defense lawyers often hire a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney to take important cases before a Judge and jury.

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Master of The Richard J. Hughes American Inn of Court

Trial lawyers in many counties have established tutelage programs for their lawyers. The Inns of Court are based upon the English Barrister system where both defense attorneys and prosecutors meet together with Judges from the area to have dinner, socialize, and learn.

The Inns typically have ranks, with Judges obtaining the position of Masters of the Bench. Lawyers start as Pupils, and then graduate to Barrister. They may eventually be named a Master of the Inn.

As a Master of the Inn of Court, Mark M. Cheser tutors less experienced lawyers on various legal topics. He has also taught continuing legal education classes at colleges throughout the area.

Former Assistant County Prosecutor

As a former Assistant Prosecutor, he knows how the government puts together a case, so he understands how to take one apart. Mark M. Cheser was an Assistant Prosecutor from 1980-1983. He was assigned to the Appellate, Juvenile, Assignment Judge and Trial Sections. He also worked with the Anti-Drug Task Force and the Elizabeth Project. As a Prosecutor, Mark M. Cheser tried 28 cases to verdict and handled over 500 other matters, ranging from homicide to petty theft. He therefore knows how the state prepares and evaluates their cases. This experience in essential in preparing a defense.

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