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15 individuals nabbed on drug charges in New Jersey

A major bust has allegedly nabbed several people believed to be involved in a trafficking ring. Fifteen people were indicted on racketeering, trafficking and drug charges in New Jersey recently. A new story gives more details about the bust and the arrests made. 

A cooperative effort by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrests of the alleged drug traffickers. Police claim to have found the man in charge of the ring who supposedly ran the operation from his home. Police made an initial arrest of two men in a vehicle that was apparently loaded with cocaine and heroin as the result of the investigation, dubbed Operation Inferno. 

2 individuals charged with violent crime in New Jersey

Sadly, one person has died as a result of being shot, as revealed in a recent news story. Two individuals, one 22-year-old man and a minor, have been charged with the violent crime. All three men were residents of New Jersey. The suspects, now in custody, are likely to be contemplating their options for defending themselves against the allegations. 

The incident occurred in Union County, and both suspects are residents of Union township. The 17-year-old minor has been charged with homicide and weapons offenses. The older suspect was charged with first-degree robbery. The man who was found shot was a 19-year-old local resident as well. 

DWI charges for New Jersey tunnel driver

A man has recently been charged with several crimes after an incident in the Holland Tunnel. The New Jersey man allegedly drove drunk through the tunnel and almost struck several cars. He was arrested on DWI charges. It is likely the man is contemplating his options for defending himself against these charges. Since he is innocent until proved guilty, it will be on the state to prove the case against him. 

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, Oct. 1. At about 4:30 a.m., the 25-year-old man supposedly was driving erratically. It was reported that the individual crossed the center line and struck the side of the tunnel, then drifted to the opposite side of the tunnel, almost striking several vehicles. No injuries were reported in this incident. 

New Jersey man claims he was a victim of violent crime

A domestic dispute resulted in injuries for one man. The New Jersey resident was burned when his girlfriend allegedly threw boiling water onto his face and back. Despite being the alleged victim of a violent crime, the man himself was charged with domestic violence and held in jail. 

The man says that at the time of the crime, he was attacked by his girlfriend and was doused in the boiling water. He recounts that she was able to reach the phone first to dial 911. When officers arrived, she claimed that he choked her around the neck and beat her in the face with a boot. Officers charged both individuals with assault, but only the man was arrested and held in jail. 

What you should know about possession with intent to distribute

In Middlesex County, and New Jersey in general, drug charges can come with some very severe consequences. This is especially true when what might have been a basic possession charge becomes possession with intent to distribute. There are three elements that must exist in order for a "possession with the intent to distribute" charge to be valid under federal law.

If you are facing a possession with the intent to distribute charge, it is important to understand all the factors involved. Read below to learn more about the different elements that make up this particular drug charge.

Drug charges for pair of New Jersey men

A traffic stop led to further charges for a pair of local men recently. Police stopped their car for an expired inspection sticker and, upon further investigation, arrested the two for drug charges in addition to the traffic charges. The two New Jersey men are likely preparing a criminal defense against the charges against them. 

On Monday, Sept. 18, two patrolmen allegedly noticed an expired inspection sticker on the car as they were monitoring traffic. They stopped the car for the apparent violation, and when officers approached the car, they allegedly spotted two empty wax packets for storing heroin in the back seat. The officers supposedly noticed fresh track marks on the passenger and asked the man to step out of the vehicle. As he did, allegedly the officer observed a hypodermic syringe fall out of the man's shoe. 

New Jersey driver charged with traffic violations

An apparent incident involving a school bus has resulted in charges for one man. The New Jersey resident was charged with multiple traffic violations. The individual facing these charges is likely preparing a criminal defense in hopes to get the charges reduced or dropped in order to avoid certain penalty. 

The event occurred on a Thursday around 5 p.m. A police officer allegedly saw the man fail to yield to a school bus as it approached him. He was stopped by police, and authorities investigated the cause of his alleged traffic violation. 

New Jersey woman faces neglect, drug charges

In a tragic case, one woman is looking at serious consequences related to an incident involving her child. The New Jersey resident was found passed out in her car, with her 2-year-old child dead in the backseat. She was booked on a total of nine charges, including neglect and drug charges

The woman maintains that she does not know what happened to her child. The child's father went out to the vehicle to check on the mother and daughter and found the child dead, in the car, still strapped into the car seat. A search warrant for the woman's house and vehicle supposedly returned a defaced handgun, drugs and drug paraphernalia. Some details about the woman's behavior have surfaced, but the evidence of the case is still pending, awaiting the autopsy and other information.

Diversion penalties considered for New Jersey DWI recipients

The law should ensure that lawbreakers receive needed penalties without negatively impacting the rest of their lives and providing them with the opportunity to function as upstanding members of society. This allows a person convicted of a crime the chance to turn things around while still paying back the debt to society. First-time DWI offenders may soon be able to complete a diversion program in New Jersey, if momentum grows for changing current law. 

Under current state law, a first-time drunk driving offender loses their drivers license for three to 12 months and typically pays thousands of dollars in court fines. The offense will remain on the person's record for life. Even awareness groups, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), advocate for less stringent penalties for first-timers, as long as certain programs are implemented. 

New Jersey pair booked on drug charges

Two individuals are dealing with the consequences of criminal charges as a result of an August incident. A traffic violation has resulted in additional drug charges for two men in New Jersey. A recent police report offers more details about the event. 

The incident occurred on Friday, August 18. An officer reported that he noticed a motor vehicle operating with a cracked windshield at approximately 10:10 a.m. He pulled the car over, and when he did, the officer reported smelling the odor of burnt marijuana and proceeded to have the driver and the passenger step out of the vehicle. 

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